The importance of Information technology 

Information technology is important in our world. Especially in modern society like today, people might not realize that information technology has become a necessity in any aspect of our lives. Even when our work does not involve in technical IT, still, we use them in our daily activity from our gadget or computer system. Our work might require us to know a little bit about the subject so we can be an administrator. A corporate needs IT technology for further assessing the needs of customers and employers. 

In business, the use of information technology introduces us to computers, cloud computing, security system and more. It helps to ensure each department runs the way it should be and pass down the information the way they need to. With numerous departments in one enterprise, it can get pretty hassle to manually manage the system. That is where Information Technology plays its role. From making financial report to managing human resource, Information Technology gives the convenience to fit the need of each business. 

With IT, a business is able to change or adapt in the global market. Even better, they can compete with other in the same industries and build better revenue. Not only for large scale business, small business needs the least of use in IT such as social media or shopping cart programming system. So, it is not just for multinational enterprises but it is important for networking. Big companies use IT department to focus on the hardware and software inside the office. Hence, employees can focus on their work in catering the demand and supply – making the company growth even faster.  


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