Integration services

Integration services

As many customers go online, search online and make transaction online; a business needs to provide exceptional services with relevant products that could connect directly to customers. At Graffitisys, we combine online platforms that are customisable for cross selling and marketing. 

This service features financial management tools and accounts to financial institutions that could create deeper customer relationships. You can now improve your company’s services by having multiple supportive tools integrated in your system. 

Obtain seamless customer experience as they can login from your official web page and access useful features from online banking to content management. Integration service keeps your content fresh through marketing features and customer-center platforms.

Our integration service is a perfect solution to connect you directly to your suppliers, clients, or end users. The integration service delivers consistent result in helping you manage the system using simple steps. Enjoy the ability to access other parties such as:

a. PayPal

b. CCavenue

c. Google Apis

d. Fedex 

e. KNET (Kuwait)

f. NBK & CyberSource(Kuwait)

g. Social Media (Google/Facebook/Twitter/ other others)

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