Our Clientele

Our Clientele

Our success is based on your success, too. Our clients have a huge role in our growth. We want to capture their voice and make sure that our solution caters their requirements. Grafittisys uses diverse set of management system to help clients reach their IT goals. Our customers represent numerous industries but no matter what size your company is, we treat all of our clients equally and provide the perfect IT solution for long lasting collaboration. There is no substitute for client’s satisfaction.

The followings are some of industrial sectors we have been working with, but not limited to:

Aerospace and Defense         • Airlines 

Automotive                  • Communication Services 

Consumer Packaged Goods Education 

Energy                 • Financial Services 

Healthcare                 • High-Tech 

Hospitality and Leisure         • Industrial Manufacturing 

Insurance                 • Life Sciences 

Logistics and Distribution         • Media and Entertainment 

Public Sector                 • Publishing 

Resources Industries         • Retail 


We have proven our track record and we pride ourselves of being trusted as client’s number one partner in IT solution. We are grateful to be able to assist their needs and being successful in our service.

Latest news

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Graffitisys has been invited once again by the government of Goa, to design , implement / deploy  a marriage registration solution for the Sub Registrar - Margao South Goa. After  15 days of thorough analysis, ....


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